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Merial Frontline Plus

Merial Frontline Spray

Bayer Advantage

Bayer Advocate



Active ingredients

Fipronil & methroprene



Imidacloprid & moxidectin




Fipronil: kills adult fleas

Methroprene: kills flea eggs, larvae and prevents pupae development

Fipronil: kills adult fleas

Imidacloprid: Kills adult fleas & flea larvae

Imidacloprid: Kills adult fleas & flea larvae

Moxidectin: Kills hookworms, roundworms, heart worms (not found in NZ)ear mites, sarcoptic & demodectic mites and Lice

Selamectin: Kills adult fleas, larvae and eggs, ear mites, round worms and sarcoptic mites

Spinosad: Kills adult fleas

Time to kill adult fleas

18 hours post application

18 hours post application

Kills adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes of contact

98-100% of adult fleas and larvae killed within 12 hours of application

Within 24-36 hours

Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, 100% fleas killed within 4 hours

Earliest age for puppies

8 weeks

2 days

Any, although not necessary if treating mother of unweaned puppies

7 weeks

6 weeks

14 weeks


Every 8 weeks

Every 8 weeks

Every 4 weeks

Every 4 weeks

Every 4 weeks

Every 4 weeks

Also effective against...




Kills flea larvae in pets environment



Other benefits

Safe to use with breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches


Stops fleas biting in 3-5 minutes, kills on contact- they don't have to bite.

May be applied straight after shampooing

Very effective against Flea Allergy Dermatitis, stops fleas biting in 3-5 minutes

Safe to use on pregnant and lactating bitches.

Can swim and have a bath 2 hours after application.

Dries on coat within 2 hours.

Only tablet flea treatment, no oily residue on skin.

Also no restrictions on bathing or swimming.

Kills fleas within 30 minutes and kills 100% of fleas within 4 hours

Pack sizes

3 pipettes pack

100ml and 250ml

4 or 6 pipette pack

3 or 6 pipette pack

3 or 6 pipette pack

6 tablet pack


Can be applied every 4 weeks if infestation severe

Massage the coat all over to make sure spray gets right down to the skin


Safety of use in pregnant or lactating bitches has not been established.



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