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Common Household Hazards


There are food and common household items that can be dangerous to your new dog. They should be stored safely beyond their reach in locked cabinets or away from reach. There are more comprehensive lists available online; however what follows is a list of the most common household hazards:

Not all food consumed by humans are safe for pets. Here is a list of foods that can be hazardous:

Alcoholic beverages Caffeine Chocolate Fatty foods

Chicken and turkey bones Grapes and raisins Onions Macadamia nuts

Salt and sugar Yeast dough Avocado

Be conscious of the everyday items that are poisonous to your dog and keep them secured:

All medications Anfreeze Rodent poison Batteries

Car care products Fertilizer Household cleaners Nicotine products

Insecticides Pools and ponds A range of house and garden plants

If your pet ingests a dangerous substance, don’t hesitate, call your Veterinarian immediately.


For information on poisoning visit:


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